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Speak with us to  learn more about our quality tents 

At Keystone you can be assured that you are getting the best quality tents. We know that the right tent can make any event stand out! That's why we only use the best of Eureka's top of the line Elite tents. Our pole tents offer a great cover for any open air occasion. Speak with us to check out inventory and see for yourself.

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Why Pole Tents?

-Offer a greater flexibility when planning your wedding where you can design the layout.

-Various sizes can accommodate small intimate events or large blow out crowds.

-Sidewalls are always a popular choice to add for extra privacy or element protection. 

The high peaks offer a look of elegance and sweeping sense of roominess below.

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Available Pole Tent Sizes:













check out our inventory by clicking on the pictures 

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Tables: Whether its banquet, round, big or small we got them all. 

Chairs: We've got traditional and elegant seating. 


Lighting: We'll brighten up your event with our lights. Contact us to check out our inventory. 

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Dance Floor: Planning to dance the night away? Check out our dance floor options.


Linens: Make a statement with our top notch linens! Click Here to see our wide variety of linens.

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